Hari Om.

The seeds for the Chinmaya Movement in Vancouver were laid in 1972 when Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was scheduled to arrive for a series of three lectures at Simon Fraser University. The organizer, Mrs. Menon, suddenly had to fly to New York, and so Mr. and Mrs. Kapahi got the golden opportunity of hosting Pujya Gurudev. This accidental incident proved to be a turning point in their lives and the start of Chinmaya Mission Vancouver.

Since then, regular study classes have been conducted by various CM acharyas. Inspired by Pujya Gurudev, Robyn Thompson joined the two-year Vedanta Course in Mumbai, India, and returned in 1986 as Brahmacharini Robyn. She then started conducting regular study classes at the Deshpande residence and then the Kapahi residence. Mrs. Kamal Deshpande subsequently joined the same Vedanta Course and returned as an acharya. In 2010, Jaya Muzumdar completed the two-year Vedanta course in Mumbai.

CM Vancouver has continued to grow over the years. It organizes two jnana yajnas annually, and conducts weekly classes for children, youth, and adults in Vancouver. Brahmacharini Robyn conducts regular classes in Victoria. Jaya Muzumdar conducts weekly study groups, and monthly adult study classes in Vancouver and Seattle.

Hari Om.

Acharya Kamal Deshpande
Brahmacharini Robyn Thompson

Jaya Muzumdar


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